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Agit8.org has been running in various forms since 2005. It started out as an outlet for my artistic endeavours and over time it has evolved into what it is today. It is a site about various things that I come across in my work as an artist, photographer, freelance web designer, educator and a general gadget-freak. I hope you can find something useful on this blog and any comments would be welcome.

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  1. Hello Johannes,

    I happened to run across your post regarding the Maxwell for SketchUp plugin, of which I am the author, and I just wanted to make a few comments. First, the download does include both a readme.txt file, and a full PDF manual, both of which contain step-by-step instructions for installing the plugin. On installation, the choice of using .zip-based distribution was a very deliberate one, which, in hindsight, has shown to have been a miscalculation on my part, so in the next update, there will be installer-based downloads available, for both Windows and Mac OSX, supporting SketchUp 8. The .zip-based distribution will continue to be made available for those who still prefer its zero-impact, run-anywhere (i.e. SketchUp 6/7/8, Win/OSX) approach.

    Regarding Silverlight, I want to clarify that the plugin itself runs fine on Silverlight 5.0; it is SketchUp itself which is not working with this relatively new version of Silverlight. This has been unfortunate, and in fact, precipitates all of the other difficulties you encountered. For instance, though both the plugin and the FAQ page include links to download Silverlight 4.0, as you found, they only work correctly when you use a supported browser; this is due to browser-detection on Microsoft’s end, which, when it detects an unsupported browser, ends up redirecting to the generic Silverlight download page, which of late, links to Silverlight 5.0. As I have become aware of such gotchas, we have been updating our instructions and FAQs, so they now include this piece of information.

    Naturally, were we able to use Silverlight 5.0, all of this would be a complete non-issue, as it had been prior to the release of Silverlight 5.0 (as noted, the plugin has a minimum requirement of Silverlight 3.0). Currently, I am waiting to hear if Google will be willing and able to do anything with this or not; in the meantime, I have begun working on an HTML-based UI to replace the Silverlight one. Silverlight is, though, a very nice environment in which to write UI, and people have responded very positively to the current one (it was originally written around two years ago, prior to the advent of the standalone plugin), so I hope that the compatibility problem can be taken care of.

    Anyway, I think that is about all I had to say, besides, thank you for posting your writeup — it is always very useful to get a view of things from an outside perspective.

    Best Regards,
    Jeremy Hill

  2. Hi,

    I came across your page via google searches… to be exact “acer iconia a500 1tb external hard drive”. Your website came up on the first page.

    Now I have read your article on the Acer Iconia A500 and was keen to know a few things, if you have some time.

    Firstly, I could straightaway connect with you where you mention you got a MacBook Pro but while traveling you’d prefer something light with instant startup (rather than waiting for a laptop to boot), and the battery blues… the exact same issues that I have.

    After much consideration and checking out a whole lot of tablets in the market (including my very much admired Apple iPad 2) I am more inclined towards the Iconia A500. I do like the user experience on the iPad but at the same time find it quite limiting as you have mentioned in your blog too. Choosing A500 over Motorola Xoom primarily due to the addition of USB 2.0 port.

    I had also been considering the local Chinese made tablets (the EEPAD ZT-280) but then the questions arose if things would work properly on that or not, if the screen quality would be good or not, etc., etc. I did own the EPAD ZT-180 once upon a time and was quite disappointed as it was no more than a toy for a few days and with its weak battery life and inferior screen, just remained aside in my room somewhere. If I have to choose between the EPAD and my MacBook Pro with its High Res screen, I’ll be more inclined to use my Mac at home… lol!.

    I have a full time job working in an office but at the same time am a traveller and photographer (as you would see on my Facebook page). I’d like a device that is good quality/strong built, good battery life, GPS, but primarily allows me to transfer my photos from my camera memory cards to a 1TB 2.5″ portable HDD. At the same time, play Angry Birds or some light hearted game while in the train/bus traveling to work and back.

    Now I had been deciding between a MacBook Air and the iPad2 and didn’t really consider going for a Android tablet. MacBook Air is still a consideration for shoots where I’ll need Adobe Photoshop (and this is the only reason I would go for a MacBook Air other than being light weight). But Photoshop is not something I would use every time I go out on shoots. For most travels, I just need a device to access Internet, watch some media/play games and transfer photos clicked while travelling. As an example, I travelled Europe for a few weeks and clicked over 15000 photos (RAW+JPEG => 30000 photos) approximately which took about 400GB of HDD space. I had a NetBook at the time and took my 1TB HDD, so it was okay, but as you know how inconvenient a NetBook can become, I didn’t really appreciate the whole experience of using it while traveling.

    So getting back to my questions, how do you think the A500 fairs for you? Some of my questions below:

    1. Battery life (based on usage in general). Does it use up a lot of battery if you have a portable HDD connected for a while?
    2. GPS, gyroscope, etc… are these effective?
    3. Screen brightness – I’ve not been able to form an opinion viewing the Iconia in the shops and would appreciate a practical opinion whilst on the field.
    4. Anything else you feel I should know based on what I’d be using it for?

    Any feedback from you is appreciated

    By the way, your November 2004 blog says something about Australian Federal elections. FYI, I’m based on Sydney.

    Thanks in advance


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