Wireless Broadband

Today I am waiting for a delivery of an i-burst modem which will make my life somewhat easier as far as internet is concerned. It is wireless, it is comparable to ADSL in speed and cost and best of all it does not depend on a fixed telephone line. Having had to go back to dial-up for the last three years really has made me suffer a lot of inconvenience.

Since most people that I deal with seem to be on broadband internet I have had to suffer the pain of large email attachments, links to flash websites (why do they have to be so large, you people? Some still at 1.5MB before you can see anything on the site!) and numerous graphics-heavy websites.

As of the time my modem arrives, I am free from the shackles of fixed internet lines. It should be an interesting experience to be back on broadband (I used to be on cable, but it was a bitch to move: $99 for this, $49 for that, and $29 for something else—all going into the telco’s pocket). All up it was going to cost me nearly $200 to move the cable line. I got this wireless modem at $215.

Copyright blames you

Have you just installed a DVDRW drive for a friend or relative? Well according to the latest ammendment to the copyright laws in Australia, you could be held liable if they subsequently used that drive for infringing copyright, eg copying commercial DVD movies. Electronic retailers, computer shops and many other people will be held liable for breaches of copyright by a third party even when there is no prior knowledge of the intent to break copyright laws. Zdnet Australia has the story

Photo blog

A picture blog has just been added to this site, to add an extra dimension. It is at the moment just a collection of photos, but there will be other kinds of pictures added in the near future, such as drawings, etc. I take pictures quite a lot since I acquired a Siemens S65 camera and a Canon PowerShot G6 camera.

Whereas in the past I would have had to lug my heavy Canon EOS 630 with the 540EZ flash around the place, nowadays I can take a snap whenever I see something interesting using something that I already carry around: my phone. When the subject calls for something a little more heavy duty, I pull out the Canon G6 to get the job done.

In general, I can thank digital photography for reviving my interest in image making. No longer do I have to want to set up a dark room at home. I just take the pictures and then download them onto the hard drive. It is definitely a liberating experience.

Look forward to more pictures and writing.

First of November

It is already the 1st of November and many things have happened in the last month. The Australian Federal election has been concluded with the majority win for the Liberal Party of Australia. Many people have asked about how on earth this same government that deceived people over the war in Iraq and have presided over some of the worst attacks on human rights in regards to immigration can win a majority in the new government.

I am not too sure how to answer that question, but there are some things that have emerged out of the election results that might be worth noting. First it must also be noted that election results do not by themselves give an accurate reading of people’s thinking and moods. If it does, it usually gives a very distorted picture of the situation.

The Labor party was decimated in some areas and the same can be said of the other parties such as the Democrats and the Greens. This points in some way to the end of the pressure group politics that has long been the premise for the existence and support of organisations such as the Australian Democrats and the Greens. People no longer believe that going through such channels is a viable option.

As for the Labor Party, it seems that people are beginning to see that many of the programs implemented by the Liberals originated with the Labor Party. Many of the current voters on the registers still remember the days of Hawke and the Keating. So rather than a shift to the right, the results can be read as a vote of no confidence for the Australian Labor Party.

At the same time, the US elections are looming upon the world that is nervously watching the outcome of it.