Fix the annoying Android File Transfer bug on the Macbook

Plug in another USB device (such as a flash drive) and the computer should reconnect the keyboard and trackpad again. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. There are also more permanent solutions such as removing the Android File Transfer Agent app.

Have you been working on an app and you decided to deploy your android app to your phone, only to find out that when you plug the phone into one of the USB ports, the Android File Transfer app pops up and then you find that your built-in keyboard and trackpad does not work? Or worse, have you ever wanted to just charge your phone only to find out that you computer’s keyboard and trackpad stops working when you plug the phone into the USB port? Continue reading “Fix the annoying Android File Transfer bug on the Macbook”

The missing insert key on the macbook keyboard


I have been working with iTerm 2 on a Macbook Pro a lot to connect to my server. While I am in the Midnight Commander interface, often I need to do multiple selections to move files, change their permissions or sometimes delete them. Since I originally used Putty for my SSH Client way back when I was running Windows, I grew accustomed to using the INSERT key on the PC keyboard to add files to a selection in Midnight Commander. On the Macbook Pro, there is no such key. However the good news is you can perform the same type of selection using the CONTROL and T keys, thanks Wesley R Elsberry of Austringer. Have fun!